Dreamit Real Solutions (SA0380971-K) is a company that helps create websites and develop them. Website Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and web marketing strategies are our main services. It is inevitable businesses have to include SEO in their marketing, It would be a big mistake not considering SEO in marketing. SEO is all about ranking well on Google and getting your website to visit the targeted audiences, and that's how you develop your business. As Malaysia's top SEO specialist, we can help you.




The goal of Dreamit Real Solutions was to become one of Malaysia’s best SEO agencies. We make sure we have the most professional search engine optimization services/internet marketing strategies as an SEO expert in Malaysia.


How well the user can react and attract to your website depends on how well we combine the interactive design, right layout and user experience. We are doing exactly that at Dreamit Real Solutions!


The infographic video is a huge advertising market that you can tap in, promote your services/products through infographic video is one of the best & successful ways nowadays as the video is becoming much more viewers today.


Why Social Media Management is Important? Now that you know the answer to the pressing question, what is social media management, it’s time to talk about why social media management is important for your small business.


As online shopping is becoming more popular today, one of the most relevant business strategies is to set up an eCommerce shopping cart and it is also much more cost-effective.


Register a domain name with Dreamit Real Solutions and pass domains. Reliable web hosting can ensure the reliability of the website as well as the speed of hosting / website loading.


Experience SEO Expert

To handle your entire online marketing project, DRS leverages our 15 years of experience in search engine optimization, so that you and your website company always know the next steps.

With hundreds of algorithm ranking factors updating in daily basic, what worked years ago maybe not working anymore today. As an experienced SEO specialist, thanks to many years of experience we have gained working in the industry, we know how to deal with search engines.

Each website should use different SEO techniques, simply putting what works for your business might not work for others. DRS can review every website and understand what to do next.

Latest SEO Practices

The major search engines are constantly updating their algorithms, so there is simply no time for a
business owner to keep up with all the changes, let alone strategize around them with search engine optimization (SEO).

And not to forget to consistently submit and maintain business details over tons of online directories. Based on best practices, we are constantly researching the latest changes and updating our long technical checklist. You want to rank on result pages and we know how to do it.

Properly Tracked & Measured

For your SEO campaign, you should know exactly what your return on investment (ROI) is. That’s why, to show you exactly where your SEO investment is, we create regular data-based reports written in plain English.

Some of the metrics that we track using tools such as Google Analytics & SEO tools are Keywords Ranking, Impressions, Click-through-rate (CTR), Bounce Rate, Conversions, etc…

Cost Effective

We know the value of hard-earned money, so we give our clients cost-effective SEO services as well. At a price that every person can afford, we give our reliable and top quality SEO services.

To achieve positive results in the long term, DRS SEO service providers make use of reliable methodologies, procedures and techniques. We charge fairly and reasonably, regardless of whether you are an individual or a company. If you compare our prices with the market, you can realize that our packages have competitive pricing.

Transparent SEO Services

The reality is there are certain credibility issues with the internet marketing industry. We recognize that it is your worst fear to pay for an agency and not know what they are (are not) doing. That’s why transparency is what we are obsessed with.

In our SEO services, DRS remains transparent all the time. We believe that transparency is key to building SEO client trust. Therefore, we keep our client updated with the results of our monthly efforts. In simple words, we submit complete, detail and fact-based SEO and analytic reports to our client just to make our work as transparent as it could be.