SEO is one of only two marketing strategies a business can use to increase the chances of being found on Google, Bing, and other search engines’ first pages. Although PPC provides instant visibility for your keywords, combining it with SEO will help you increase the number of people who visit your site and have a better overall experience.

SEO is achieved by developing a website that provides high-quality, relevant information to both searchers and search engines and the best possible user experience. It takes time to build a site that meets all of these criteria, but the long-term investment is well worth it when you consider the benefits.

Here are five reasons why you need SEO and should invest in an SEO strategy today:

  1. A Good SEO Strategy Can Improve PPC Quality Score

We’re all aware of the importance of Quality Score in PPC campaigns. But did you know that your website’s Quality Score and content go hand in hand? Creating pages on your website for your goods and services and using important keywords in your site are all part of a successful SEO strategy. You can improve your Quality Score by aligning your text ad messages with the content on your website or driving PPC traffic to related landing pages (such as a page for a particular product or service), which can lower your cost per click improve efficiency of your PPC ads.

  1. SEO Increases Market Access

The numbers don’t lie. Did you know that over 70% of searches result in a click on one of the first search engine results page’s (SERP) results? You might be losing out on this traffic to your website if you don’t invest in an SEO strategy

  1. SEO Can Boost the Effectiveness of Your Other Marketing Efforts

You will improve your marketing efforts, such as PPC and retargeting, by increasing your market share in SERPs with SEO. Combining SEO and search advertising, for example, will increase traffic by 50%. When SEO and retargeting are combined, brand awareness can be increased. You can also use SEO insights to fine-tune your PPC campaigns – if you have keywords that perform well in organic search, you can apply them to your PPC campaigns to see if performance improves.

  1. SEO Can Improve Offline Conversions

Did you know that local businesses looking to visit a store that day search for 50% of all mobile searches? If you follow a good local SEO strategy, you’ll have consistent listings and business information across the site, including your business name, hours of operation, address, and phone number– all of which make it easy for a searcher to visit your location and become a customer.

  1. SEO Can Help You Stand Out from Your Competitors

On the first page of a SERP, there are up to six paid positions, three map listings, and ten organic listings. If you can align your keyword strategy to appear in a paid listing, a map listing, and an organic listing, you’ll increase the probability of a site visit while lowering the likelihood of a searcher clicking on your competitors’ website.

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