SEM ( Search Engine Marketing )

SEM ( Search Engine Marketing ) is usually related much to SEO. While we all know SEO is basically trying to rank well in the organic search result, whereas SEM is gaining visibility on the SERP by simply pay for the results.

One of the most well-known platforms for SEM is Google Adwords. The results for SEM will basically show at the first top 4 results in Google SERP. Google Adwords (SEM) is Served to people based on their keyword searches. Google is all about “user intent”. Building an SEM campaign for your business can be complex due to the vast amount of features and tools by Google, and this is what engages in an experienced consultant does matter.

SMM ( Social Media Marketing )

SMM is about promoting your business or services via social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram & Linkedin. Not only cater to demographic and geographical targeting, social media platform such as Facebook also allow behaviours & preferences targeting. Facebook ads served to people based on their characteristics and general preferences. Facebook is all about “user personality and behaviour”. It is crucial to include social media marketing into your business promoting pipeline as the potential is huge in these platforms. Right strategies can lift-up your business & ROI to a brand new level.

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