Before we talk about website development, domain & hosting is important for everyone. A domain name is a website address assigned by the main governing body of domains. A domain name or website address should be easy pronounced and remember. Try to pick a domain name that contains an important word describing your company’s name or the services & intention of your website offered. Next is hosting, we need a place to store your website’s files, data & emails. A hosting service will actually place your website files & data on the internet at the address(domain name) you registered.  This is the service we call website hosting.

Website – House Analogy

We can compare a website to a house,  a mailing address to the domain name, and the land as hosting. To build a house (website), we need to have land (hosting), and the house needs a mailing address (domain name).

Though we can get the domain & host everywhere & easily, a good domain & hosting provider is harder to identify.  When subscribing to a domain & hosting package, we need to consider the performance of the server,  hosting storage & bandwidth capacity. Performance of the server: ensure that the server is efficient and smooth & fast enough.  Hosting storage – have sufficient storage for website files & emails. Bandwidth capacity – make sure the bandwidth can cater to the traffics to your website.

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